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Lab News

April 2023

Allison George (PhD student) and Vidya Pattisapu (PhD student) join the lab.

February 2023

Liam's paper titled "Temporal Progression Along Discrete Coding States During Decision-making in the Mouse Gustatory Cortex" is published in PLoS Computational Biology.

January 2023

Hillary's paper titled "Experience-dependent Plasticity of Gustatory Insular Cortex Circuits and Taste Preferences" is published in Science Advances. Congratulations to Hillary and coauthors Josh, Maria and Lindsey!

June 2022

Priscilla is selected for the NIH Outstanding Scholars in Neuroscience Award (OSNAP)!

April 2022

Camelia is awarded the 22-23 AAUW international fellowship!

April 2022

John gets his NRSA fellowship funded from NIDCD!

June 2021

Josh and Priscilla both get their NRSA fellowships funded from NIDCD!

April 2020

Camelia Zheng (MSTP student) joins the lab.

April 2020

New paper from the lab titled "Dynamic Representation of Taste-Related Decisions in the Gustatory Insular Cortex of Mice" comes out in Current Biology. Congratulations to coauthors Roberto, Ke, Lindsey and John!

December 2019

Ke defends his PhD. Congratulations Dr. Chen!

August 2019

Jennifer Blackwell (Postdoc) and Siddarth Swaminathan (Master's Student) join the lab.

May 2019

John Chen (PhD Student) and Priscilla Yevoo (PhD Student) join the lab.

January 2019

Ke and Roberto's paper titled "Disruption of Cortical Dopaminergic Modulation Impairs Preparatory Activity and Licking Initiation" comes out in Cerebral Cortex.

September 2018

Alfredo is the new chair of the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior and co-Director of the Neurosciences Institute.

September 2018

Roberto joins the faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida State University

May 2018

Liam Lang (PhD student) and Josh Kogan (MSTP student) join the lab

February 2018

Roberto and Mel win the AChemS Polak Young Investigator Award, Hillary wins the AChemS Polak Postdoc Travel Award and Ke wins the AChemS Student Housing Award

December 2017

Congratulations to Roberto Vincis for his NIH/NIDCD R21 award!

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